Smoothies For Weight Loss Bundle (260+ Pages)

Smoothies For Weight Loss Bundle (260+ Pages)

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Everything you need to get started using smoothies for weight loss. 

If you follow these step by step plans, you'll have everything you need for the next couple of months to immediately start losing weight with green smoothies. You'll get my secret formula, full cleanses and guides that show you how to create weight loss smoothies that are filling, tasty and are guaranteed to work. 

This bundle is 265 pages and contains the following:


  • Blend Me Cleanse Me
  • 1 Month Of Green Smoothies In 1 Day
  • 2 Minute Smoothie Powder Mix Recipe Card
  • 2 Minute Smoothies Cheatsheet
  • 5 Vital Steps To Optimal Health
  • 9 Gorgeous Green Smoothies
  • 10 Best Green Powders For Smoothies
  • 10 Best Leafy Greens For Green Smoothies
  • 10 Smoothie Superfoods To Supercharge Your Energy Today
  • 12 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Green Smoothies
  • 20 Hunger-Free Fat Smashing Smoothie Fillers
  • 20 Unusual Smoothie Ingredients To SkyRocket Your Health
  • 25 Green Smoothie Hacks
  • Banana Peanut Butter Green Thickie
  • Basic Green Thickie Recipe
  • Cancer Preventing Blueberry Broccoli Smoothie Recipe
  • Cold And Flu Busting Smoothie Recipe
  • Delicious No Fruit No Sugar Smoothie Recipe
  • Green Pineapple Paradise Smoothie Recipe
  • How To Add Oats To Your Smoothies Guide
  • How To Freeze Spinach For Your Green Smoothie
  • How To Make A Smoothie Perfectly Every Time
  • How To Travel With Green Smoothies
  • Immune Boosting Lime And Ginger Smoothie Recipe
  • Low Carb Chocolate and Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe
  • Natural Protein Shake Recipe
  • Three Days To Banish The Bloat
  • Trick Your Taste Buds Dessert Smoothie
  • Ultimate Smoothie Bottles Guide
  • Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe Card

Customer Reviews

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Smoothies For Weight Loss Bundle (260+ Pages)

Liking it so far

Only a few days in and was expecting more detox symptoms, but I have been Keto prior to this and experimenting with intermittent fasting routines, so I drink homemade electrolyte water to minimize fasting symptoms anyway, extra sodium and potassium as well as magnesium are great like that. I feel really good! Out of the sugar game awhile, but the smoothies I have made so far have been tasty and filling, but that could easily be because my taste buds have changed. Trying to bust a plateau, haven't seen alot of progress yet, but I feel good and I think the flavor factor will give me a good reason to do more than one week! Thanks for making the initial plunge accessible and easy.

I’m full!!!

I am just moving to a vegan diet as I have issues with dairy and now meat in every form.
I was stumped with how I would get enough protein and am not a fan of protein powders as I have tried them for convenience in the past.
I love every recipe I have tried so far and they stick with me for 3-4 hours! Chocolate Bliss is a real fave at the moment and I have enjoyed several so far! It looks like it will take a bit of time to get through all your recipes, but I am willing to give it a go.
I also appreciate the added frozen spinach which has not altered the primary flavours in the Thickies! All this to say thank you for taking the time to create these full meals in a mug. I wasn’t looking to drop weight as I am comfortable where I am but if a few drop off I will not complain!

Great Information

I have been making Green Thickies for about a year now for my lunches at work. I usually follow the basic guideline of making a Green Thickie with the ingredients I have at home. I recently downloaded the Smoothies for Weight Loss Bundle, and I am very happy with the additional tips and ideas! This is what I was needing to step up my smoothie game. Before I discovered Green Thickies, I was struggling to find a protein shake that I could drink for lunch. Every type I tried left me hungry and none of them actually taste very good. I LOVE how Green Thickies make me FEEL. I always regret eating something else for lunch (the few and far between times). I also find myself looking for a lot healthier options when I go out to eat now.

Smoooooth Weight Loss

I wish more people would take advantage of drinking smoothies for weight loss because they have so much nutritional value. Pop the stuff in the blender blend it away grab it and go. a lot of people trying to lose weight make a lot of excuses but this would be something extremely easy for them to follow on a daily basis to help them smooth that weight away.