About Us

What is a Green Thickie?

A Green Thickie is a complete meal in a glass for people who are too busy to cook, but not too busy to care. Green Thickies has been helping people for over 5 years to lose weight and reclaim their health with a spring in their step.

All by just taking 2 minutes a day to whizz up a Green Thickie in their blender at home. This store helps those who are passionate about leafy greens and green smoothies to save time and express themselves.

Click here to get your first Basic Green Thickie Recipe.

Our community of Green Thickie drinkers are called "Leafies".  

This store is to help leafies to save time, enjoy making gorgeous healthy food and to look and feel their very best.  

Our aim is to create products that put a smile on your face :)

Along with all the fabulous products on this store, you can also see all of the supplements, smoothie ingredients, books, personal care products and other products that I use, love and recommend by clicking here.

Katherine Kyle

Founder of GreenThickies.com




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