Onion Goggles: No More Tears
Onion Goggles: No More Tears
Onion Goggles: No More Tears

Onion Goggles: No More Tears

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Easily chop, mince, slice or dice onions now without tearing up!

Do you avoid dicing onions because it stings your eyes so much?  I love to make a raw bread out of onions but the thought of cutting all those onions put me off making it very often.  Until I got myself some of these goggles, and now the task is a fun one as I get to wear my funky onion glasses!

Specially designed for the kitchen, with these creative Onion Goggle Glasses, you don't need to worry about crying while cutting onions.

Anti-spicy when cutting the onions, and they also have the function of being anti-wind and anti-sand.

Soft wearing, due to the sponge in the glass, which can also protect your eyes very  effectively.

🍉 Grab yourself one of these handy devices now while stocks last. 🍉

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