Potato Twister
Potato Twister
Potato Twister
Potato Twister
Potato Twister
Potato Twister
Potato Twister

Potato Twister

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Make funky potato spirals from this brand new potato twister.

All you do is pierce the end of the potato with one of the stainless steel rods through one end of the potato to the other end.

Insert the yellow handle on to one end of the rod.

Place the white handle on the other end.

Hold on to the white handle with one hand, and with the other hand rotate the yellow handle. 

The potato will be made into a big long spiral in minutes. Remove the potato from the device when the whole potato is twisted.

You can then spray a little olive oil on to the potato and bake until golden in the oven for a delicious health snack.

People are going to be impressed by your potato baking skills and kids can't get enough of these potato spirals.

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