Slimming Ear Magnet Weight Loss Therapy
Slimming Ear Magnet Weight Loss Therapy
Slimming Ear Magnet Weight Loss Therapy

Slimming Ear Magnet Weight Loss Therapy

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Slimming Ear Magnet Weight Loss Therapy

Using the magnets

There are two different self-treatment methods, which should be chosen according to your own lifestyle, needs and personal preferences.
The two methods are equally effective:
1) Position the magnets in place 4 times a day for about half an hour at a time, between meals or in any case not while you are eating.
2) Position the magnets in place 15 minutes before your main meals (midday and evening and also in the morning if you usually eat a substantial breakfast) and keep them in place while you eat and for 15 minutes afterwards.
As you will see, the two magnets are different. They should be placed on either side of the protuberance over the entrance to the ear canal. The smaller magnet with a hole in the centre is positioned on the outer wall while the larger one is placed inside.
Just position them so that they do not fall off and after a few minutes they will have found the correct position by themselves.
Stand in front of a mirror (if above a wash basin, make sure the plug is in to prevent the magnets from falling down the drain if you inadvertently drop one of them) and position the magnets on the left ear as shown in the illustration.
Whether you do this by yourself or with help, whoever touches the magnets should have clean hands. Once the magnets are in position do not touch them again and do not allow anyone else to touch them while you are using them.
Before applying them wipe them carefully with a clean cloth and do the same when you remove them.
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